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Q: How many colors can you print?

A: 1 to 6 using standard methods (Spot Printing) but we also offer CMYK (process) printing which allows for photorealism and complex color gradients using halftone patterns stacked on top of each other. Click HERE if you would like to learn more about it. 

Q: Can you keep my screen for future use so that I don't have to pay the screen fee again?

A: Unfortunately, we generally don't keep screens for a couple of reasons. 1) The screens are designed to be reused over and over again, so when a job is complete, we need to repurpose the surface and get it ready for the next job. 2) the emulsion we use to coat the screens doesn't last forever. There is no guarantee that the screen will still hold up properly for another run if revisited in a year for more shirts. Of course, there are exceptions, if you are really interested in having your own screen, talk to us about it and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Do you provide Graphic Design Services?

A: Yes! We proudly do all our design work in house and have over 20 years of experience.

Q: What type of image files do you require?

A: We work in Illustrator and prefer using vector graphics when possible. (this would be an .ai, .eps , .svg, or .pdf format preferably).  If you've made your own graphic in Canva or similar program that's fine, as long as you render out the image at 300 dpi and in .png format.

We can also convert a low resolution .jpgs or .pngs but there is an extra fee required because we will have to enhance the image on the computer. 

Q: Do you supply garments?

A: Yes, we have access to almost anything you are looking for.

Q: Can I supply my own garments?

A: Yes, absolutely.


Q: What do you charge per shirt?

A: Quotes vary based on what you require for the job and quantity. Please fill out our contact form to receive a quote!

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